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Rebuild Maui.Org

Welcome to Rebuild Maui.Org

Aloha and welcome to Rebuild Maui.Org. Nestled in the heart of Lahaina, our registered 501(c)(3) non-profit is a beacon of hope and resurgence for families reeling from the aftermath of the devastating Maui fires. We firmly believe that the journey of healing and rebuilding begins with having a safe and secure place to call home. 

The loss experienced by thousands is unimaginable. With many families currently residing in hotels or with friends, there's an immediate need for long-term housing solutions that provide not just shelter, but a sense of community, stability, and hope for the future. Our mission, born out of personal loss as our own family home and business were consumed by the fires, is clear: Provide displaced families with attractive, no-cost, long-term housing. We strive to transform the landscape of despair into one of hope and unity.

In our immediate response, we've been supplying donation hubs across Lahaina and areas within the burn zone with emergency shelters. Designed by the innovative Sono Star Company, these geodesic domes serve as a safe haven against ash, extreme weather, and other environmental challenges. Beyond just being shelters, these domes are versatile enough to potentially serve as makeshift classrooms, ensuring that our children's education remains uninterrupted in areas where schools remain inaccessible.

While our efforts have made a significant difference, the journey ahead is long. With the love, unity, and spirit of 'Ohana, we aspire to restore not just homes, but also the dreams and memories that make them special. As we rebuild, brick by brick, dream by dream, we invite you to join hands with us, to share in our vision, and to be part of a movement that reimagines and rekindles the spirit of Maui.

Mahalo for your support, understanding, and trust. Together, we can and will rebuild Maui stronger than ever.

Here's a recent project where our team donated a dome to a neighborhood that refused to leave their homes in the burn area and have decided to feed and supply their neighbors. They asked for a dome to protect the food they serve to their neighbors from the ash across the street.  Unfortunately, people here are getting sick from the ash in the air.  Our team had to wear these respirators in order to work safely, and we donated them to the families once all of the work was done, sanitized .  Shockingly, many of the families still living in the burn area do not have respirators.

About Rebuild Maui.Org

Founded after the Maui fires on August 8, 2023 to create long-term housing solutions for families that lost their homes.  Families will be able to live here for  free while Lahaina rebuilds itself.  With your help we can give families that have lost loved ones, homes, and all of their personal belongings, a place to call home and to begin the healing process.  Mahalo!

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Lahaina, Maui

August 7, 2023

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Lahaina, Maui

August 8, 2023

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677 Luakini St., Lahaina, HI, USA


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