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Although our mission and goal is to provide mid-term housing solutions for the survivors of the Maui fires,  we understand there still exists many immediate needs that require immediate action.  Here are some of the stories of our foundation working with the community to address immediate needs

MYHAP Maui Flow Fest 2024

Adopt a Lahaina Family for Christmas 2023

Join the "Adopt a Lahaina Family 2023" program by Rebuild Maui Organization to support families devastated by the Maui fires. Participate in a compassionate journey of hope and solidarity by selecting gifts from family-curated Amazon wishlists. While there's no obligation to fulfill every wish, your generosity in providing at least two items per family member can make a significant difference. Be mindful of shipping times to Hawaii, ensuring timely delivery for Christmas. This program is more than gift-giving; it's about bringing support and festive cheer to those who have endured great hardship.

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Lahaina Paws Animal Shelter

Lahaina Paws Animal Shelter is a compassionate initiative by Rebuild Maui Org, dedicated to providing a safe haven for pets affected by the Maui Fires. Located on 2.5 acres in Lahaina, this no-kill shelter offers temporary boarding for up to 100 dogs and cats. Equipped with amenities like kennels, outdoor showers, and fenced grassy areas for play, the shelter ensures the well-being of pets while their owners seek long-term housing. Funded through donations and grants, Lahaina Paws serves as a beacon of hope, keeping families and their beloved pets united during these challenging times. 


Please email or call us for more information on boarding your pet with us.

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Temporary Shelters for Maui

With a generous donation from Sonostar Universal Structures, we are able to provide temporary shelter to local camp grounds and various donation centers in need of shelter for volunteers and staff in order to assist more victims.

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More projects to come

Come back soon to see more projects.

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More projects to come

We update our site daily, come back for 

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