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Aloha dear supporter,

The beauty and spirit of Maui have always resonated with those fortunate enough to experience its magic. However, the recent wild fires have cast a shadow over our beloved island, displacing many families and shattering dreams.

At, our mission is to mend the fragmented tapestry of our community. Every donation you make holds the power to change lives. We guarantee that **100% of your contributions** go directly to:

1. Immediate Relief: Assisting survivors with their most pressing needs in the aftermath of the fires.

We are currently accepting donations for the Maui Youth Health Ambassador Program (MYHAP).  Teenagers on Maui are among the most underserved demographic.  MYHAP is program specially designed for all Maui youth to engage in fun and wholesome activities that are genuinly attractive to young people.

2. Building Hope: Our prime endeavor is to offer rent-free, semi-permanent, mid-term housing for about 2 years. This gesture provides families the precious window of stability they need to rebuild, recover, and rejuvenate.

Imagine the impact: With your support, a family gets not just a roof over their heads, but a safe space to heal, plan, and dream once again.

Join us on this noble journey. Every dollar, every gesture of support, rekindles the hope in a heart and brings us one step closer to restoring Maui's radiant spirit.

Donate Now and become a beacon of hope for a family in need. Together, let's rebuild Maui stronger than ever.

Mahalo nui loa for your generosity and aloha spirit.


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